The future of BaaS

Parse’s product is still alive and well—and supported by Facebook—and that isn’t going to end any time soon. (ReadWrite, feb 2014)

Fast-forward two years, and Parse is shutting down, effectively pulling the plug on about 600k apps that are in one way or another relying on the service. The good news is that the software is now open source, but that still leaves many developers and companies worldwide having to face a painful migration process. And this pain is, understandably, shedding a pretty bad light on the whole BaaS ecosystem:

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Why we need Telepat

The good old days

LAMP strikes a nostalgic bell to me. It stands for Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP, and I first heard of it in 2005, when it was pretty popular. Having these four great technologies around for free at that time meant that any kid with a computer and an Internet connection could host his own website by investing nothing more than a little time into it. Together, they solved the issue of infrastructure for most of the time’s use cases, and they encouraged innovation, in what I think was a truly impactful time in software history. Open-source was flourishing, and it was becoming annoying enough to large enterprise players to trigger memorable remarks like “Linux is an OS fit for communists“.

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