Welcoming Telepat Cloud

It’s been a hectic summer for the Telepat team, as we’ve worked on implementing a lot of features to make Telepat faster, stronger and easier to work with. The latest Telepat release is the most stable and feature-rich version ever, and it’s already being used in several production apps that serve real-time data to massive audiences. We’re always happy to share with our community, so this post will overview some of the most exciting stuff we’ve been working on recently.

 Telepat Cloud

The biggest thing we’re launching this month is the Telepat Cloud. This is the easiest way to get started building your real-time app, without worrying about setting up and configuring server components, and, most importantly, without the stress of scaling your infrastructure up and down depending on your app’s traffic. We’ll handle deploying, managing and scaling your Telepat instance in the cloud, on demand, while you can focus on developing your app. Sign up to get your instance!

We’re making Telepat Cloud all about open-sourcededicated IaaS and great support. You can read more about our service philosophy, and what makes Telepat and Telepat Cloud unique, in our post about the future of BaaS.

Real-time Admin Dashboard


A full fledged web client for the Telepat backend, built on top of React, the Telepat dashboard will help you browse through objects, see app activity in real-time, manage your app users and configure your application for development and production.

The dashboard is the easiest way to develop and monitor your Telepat apps, and it comes bundled with every Telepat Cloud account, so get started now and let us know what you think!

New and improved server components

We’ve released version 0.4.3 of the open-source Telepat components, source available (as always) from our GitHub repo. Here’s a short list of updates for the new release:

  • There’s a new permission level for object access (read, write and meta) that you can use to create user groups, and only allow users within the group to modify or read any individual object;
  • Security updates: SSL support for the API and socket endpoints;
  • Sorting subscriptions by geo distance from a fixed point is now possible;
  • Telepat can now handle confirmation emails for account creation and password reset;
  • Of course, a lot of bugs have been squashed and a lot of performance enhancements have been made, making this the best and most stable Telepat release ever.

Documentation revamp

We’ve added lots of information to our new documentation page, and the JS SDK docs are also completely revamped, so check it out and get started building your own app!

Also, if you need a tutorial for working with Telepat data, we’ve built a chat/task management “Hello world” app using vanilla JS – you can check the source code out on GitHub, or you can give it a spin within your browser.

What next?

The launch of Telepat Cloud means that’s it’s easier than ever to start building real-time apps using Telepat. We’re really excited to see what apps our community will develop during the following months, and we’ll be hard at work, making a better and faster Telepat.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect:

  • Better docs, more examples and more tutorial applications
  • Updates to the Telepat CLI
  • A lot of performance enhancements
  • Offline support for all Telepat SDKs
  • Our first community meetups and hackatons!

As always, looking forward to getting our community’s feedback, so don’t be afraid to be in touch!

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